"In the garage" - it's a phrase that's known and loved.

From the countless Gibson SG necks that Angus Young snapped on stage in the 70s (repaired time and again), to the fret-dress work that saw Jimmy Page through an Aussie leg of one of Zed Zep's most successful tours, the Cargill Cusotm "garage" has become a world famous guitar-lover's "one-stop-shop" loved by all who enter.

Situated in a simple, suburban car garage, the house of Cargill is humble and homely. For those who visit for the first time, a laugh usually appears on their faces. Short of knocking on the door of the Cargill family home, a tiny cardboard sign (stuck to the back of the security fly-wire) points you in the right direction, it reads: "In the garage".