Cargill proudly dedicates as much time and attention to guitar repair and set-ups as they do to the creation of the original instrument. As their many clients can attest, Cargill builds guitars that are designed to last a lifetime but, if experience has taught James Cargill anything, it's that a good guitar - just like a motor vehicle - needs ongoing TLC to keep it in tip-top working condition.

If, as a musician, you've taken the time to choose the best guitar for you and invested in a premium quality instrument, then you'll want a comparable level of maintenance and service to take it the distance.


  • Broken head stocks, relacquering, and refinishing of bodies and whole guitars

  • Refretting, maple and rosewood fingerboards

  • Original vintage fret work (refretting on vintage guitars)

  • Pick-up rewinding

  • Bone nuts and saddles

  • Guitar restoration (relacquer and polishing, replating of hardware, binding repairs)

  • All electronic repairs (pre-amps, pot and jack replacements)

  • Fingerboard replacements

  • Amplifier repairs

  • Hardware replacement (machine heads, tremelo arms, pick-ups)

  • Please note: Cargill Custom Guitars are agents for Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan & EMG pick-ups, as well as B-band, LR Baggs, Fishman, K & K and Martin acoustic pick-up fitting.